I’m Chee Hau. I live in Penang, where I start to shape the future.

Since I was young, my passion has been learning and building things from scratch. I’m constantly striving to discover the most optimal strategies for completing tasks.

For nine years in retail industry, I worked on developing a customized ERP system for a fast-growing company. However, I eventually realized that the traditional software life cycle was insufficient to keep up with the company’s rapid growth and expansion. That is why I made the difficult decision to leave my job and invest my time in finding a better way to create software from scratch that could meet the ever-changing requirements of businesses.

I believe that software should be able to adapt and grow alongside businesses, which is why I’m now dedicated to the discovery of BizPortal. This software will not reinvent the wheel; instead, it will be a collection of existing tools with a set of coding rules that ensure flexibility and adaptability to sudden changes in business requirements.

I’m committed to building a great software that can support businesses and their evolving needs. If you share this passion, I invite you to support me on this journey.