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From Zero to Production in Laravel

In this note, I will take you on an exciting journey as I walk you through my personal experience of setting up a Laravel project from scratch and taking it all the way to production. I will share the tools and technologies I utilized, including Laravel Forge, Laravel Nova, and GitHub.

Leveraging Laravel Nova's ActionEvents as an Audit Trail for Admin Users

Learn how to leverage Laravel Nova's built-in ActionEvents table as an audit trail for admin users. This guide is suitable for developers working on new projects that utilize Laravel Nova as the primary admin panel. Discover how to ensure efficient tracking of user actions and maintain an organized audit trail.

Automating Web Actions with Python and Selenium: Streamline Your Workflows

Discover the power of Python and Selenium for automating web actions, interacting with websites programmatically, and enhancing your productivity. This guide equips you with the knowledge and skills to scrape data, perform tests, and automate repetitive tasks effortlessly. Get ready to streamline your workflows and unlock new possibilities with web automation.

Streamline Your Development Workflow with Custom Commands and Aliases

During development, we often find ourselves repeating the same commands and tasks over and over again. Not only is this repetitive and time-consuming, but it can also lead to errors and frustration. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: custom commands and aliases.